Samantha Update 12/08/2012

Hi Friends of Samantha,

It’s been about 6 months since my last update So I’ll try to hit the highlights. First the present: Samantha is coming home for Christmas leave. She will get home late on the 17th and leave on the 26th. We will have a bon fire and open house on Friday, the 21st from 6pm, till the fire goes out.  Please stop by and say hi to Samantha.

So in my last update the BUSH was stationed in Norfolk and spending a lot of time conducting training off the coast. I was able to spend a weekend with Samantha in July. We spent some time with our friend, Air Force Major Russ Baker. Russ usually works in Tampa, but was on assignment in Norfolk the weekend I was there.

Samantha and Russ

The real reason I went to Norfolk was that Samantha invited me to go to a KISS concert in Virginia Beach with her and three of her buddies.  It was my 30th KISS concert.  It was their first.  It Was AWESOME!  They had fun too! 🙂


KISS Sam and Dad

Shortly after that, the BUSH went into the shipyards in Portsmouth for a 4 month overhaul.  Petty Officer Myhre was assigned temporary duty with the Damage Control Task Force. Her detail was assigned to remove and strip water tight doors.  The doors – there are several thousand on the ship, must be refurbished to ensure they are water tight to prevent flooding. They were sent off ship to be finished and then returned.  Samantha’s crew then re-installed them.

Sam door tech

Sam door tech 2

These pictures were posted on the ships facebook page.  Hard and dirty work.

Sam door tech 3

Sam hard hat

And speaking of facebook pages.  This picture was posted on the Navy’s advancement page:

Sam advancement

I guess that means it’s time to study!

Last month the ship hosted a holiday party at a nearby convention center.  Alexa flew up to attend with Samantha and they both had a great time.

Sam and alexa party

Our Thanksgiving holiday tradition is to celebrate with our good friends at the Sommers home.  Samantha couldn’t get away this year, so we did the next best thing and used the serviceman’s best friend; SKYPE!  Here she is spending air time with some of her family: Mom, Marisol, and Joe.

Sam skype

Sam skype 2 Sam skype 3

Last Saturday the BUSH went to sea for the first time in 4 months. On the way out she paid respects to my old ship, USS ENTERPRISE.  Enterprise was being deactivated that same day after 51 years in the service of America. BUSH signal flags send: “BRAVO ZULU Big E” = Well Done ENTERPRISE. Here is a picture taken from the Big E as BUSH drives by.

BUSH Big e

So that brings us to today.  Samantha is sick at home this weekend. I told her to eat oranges and take Nyquil and get better fast so you can come home!  She misses her mommy very much.  Samantha will get 10 days leave for Christmas.  So please stop by and say hello on Friday night, December 21st..  We’ll have the fire going so bring a chair.

Thanks again to all our friends who keep our service Men and Women in your prayers.  Please take a minute to shoot Samantha a call, text, or email.  She’d love to hear from you.

Samantha’s PO Box for snail mail is:

Samantha Myhre

PO Box 9879

Norfolk, VA. 23505

Thanks to all for your support for Samantha.  God Bless you.  And God Bless America.


A veteran is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a check made payable to: “The United States of America”.

For an amount of: “up to and including my life.”

That is Honor.

Freedom isn't free


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Samantha Update 06/10/2012

Hi Friends of Samantha!

So it’s been six months since my last update.  Samantha and the USS GEORGE H W BUSH returned from their first deployment in December.  Samantha was able to come home for Christmas leave and that was great!  She got to sleep in her own room and her old bed.  We had a nice party/reception and she got to see her family and friends.  Here she is showing her cousins Angel, Richelle, and Alyssa pictures from her ‘round the world cruise.

Samantha and cousins

During her Christmas leave she took a day and put on her uniform and went to Olympia and St. Andrews schools to say hi.  At St. Andrews, she was asked to talk to the kids in all the classes.  This picture of her and Amy Sommers made it into the yearbook.

Samantha and Amy

On the drive back to Norfolk in January, Samantha and Mom stopped off near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to see her cousin Naomi and her new son, Caden.

Samantha and Naomi

Since then the BUSH has been in and out of Norfolk on many three and four week training missions up and down the East coast.  Here’s a beautiful picture of the ship with an MV-22 Osprey on the deck.  Another first for the BUSH, and the NAVY!

Bush Osprey

In March, Mom and Dad flew up to Norfolk and spent a long weekend with Samantha.  Dave and Kerri Hanon drove over from Tennessee and got the full, Samantha tour guide treatment.  Here we are just off the Bridge.

Samantha and Hanons

The Captain of the ship comes out here for the occasional cigar.  As I’ve told you in the past, the Captain is a Cheese head.  Here’s a picture of his ashtray..

Cheesehead tray

Here’s IT3 Myhre outside the “Radio Shack” – Main Communications on the BUSH.

Radio door

We had a great time seeing our Baby again for a way to short, but fun weekend.

Samantha mom and dad

The last six months have been very busy for Samantha.  Besides being mostly at sea, she didn’t waste her time when she was on dry land.  She moved in with her friends Sara and Mark Garzia for a couple months while waiting for her off ship housing. (Mark just made Petty Officer 3rd Class.  BM3 Garzia. Way to go “Boats”!)  At the beginning of May, she was assigned her own off-ship berthing on the base. She has a nice one bedroom apartment all to herself.  No roommates this time!  And because she now has a car, she’s starting to feel like she has a bit of a life.

She found out she has a bit of her Grandma Myhre’s travel agent blood in her veins.  She planned a weekend trip for about 16 of her shipmate buddies to go to an anime convention in Washington D.C.  She booked the tickets and hotels and coordinated the convoy drive up and activities for the weekend. One night they attended a formal ball.  Here’s Samantha and her shipmate Rand Holder.

Samantha and Ran

Then back to work.  And back to sea.  Here she is in a picture from the ships’ Facebook page, taken during damage control training. She is wearing a fire resistant hood.

Samantha in Hood

Here she is on a hot day while doing maintenance on antennas near the flight deck.  I don’t think the fan is Navy Issue…

Samantha Fan

And after another month at sea, she went back to Washington for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  She spent one whole day in the park, running from monument, to monument.

Sam Washing mon  Sam Lincoln mon

And here she is at the Vietnam Memorial.  She got the park rangers to pencil-etch the name of my OPD friend, Dave Morrill’s Dad – a Marine F-4 pilot, lost during the war.

Sam Viet wall

Samantha also came home for the weekend to attend the annual Memorial Day party at Club Myhre.  It was nice to see her and get to spend just a little time together.  We went to see Kenny Loggins in concert in downtown Orlando on Saturday night and had a nice party on Monday.

Sam concert

Then back to work, and back to sea.

Here she is in her Dress Whites.  The BUSH has been busy with training, and being host to quite a few ceremonies.

Sam dress whites

This weekend, the USS GEORGE H W BUSH was off the coast of Maine.  On Sunday, CVN-77 was host to the Bush family.  Former President, and ships namesake, George H W Bush flew out to the ship to perform a re-enlistment ceremony for 77 BUSH sailors.  Also on board was former President George W Bush, his brother Jeb, and all their wives and children.  The day before, during the rehearsal for the ceremony, IT3 Myhre was assigned as the stand-in for Barbara Bush!  They must have needed someone with culture and grace…

Here is a great picture of The BUSH at sea, off the coast of Maine, just behind the Bush’s Kennebunkport home.

Bush kennebunkport

So in spite of being “back in the states”, she has been working every day and been to sea more than at the pier.  She has just over 2 years left on this enlistment.  No plans either way yet.  It’s still too early.  But she would like to visit the Pacific side of the world next.  That’s were Japan is and she always wanted to go there.

Samantha, the travel agent, did call to say that she had put together a trip for several of her friends to a KISS concert in Virginia Beach in July and said she ended up with an extra ticket.  She asked if I knew anybody that might want to go?!

So my next update might have more concert pictures than Samantha pictures!  Until then, her Navy adventure continues. Please take a minute to shoot Samantha a call, text, or email.  She’d love to hear from you.

Samantha now has a PO Box for snail mail.

Samantha Myhre

PO Box 9879

Norfolk, VA. 23505

Her ship email is the same;

Thanks to all for your support for Samantha.  God Bless you.  And God Bless America.


“Evil doesn’t content itself with just this race, or just this nation. Evil consumes until there is nothing Good left in the world.”

IT3 Samantha Myhre



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Samantha Update 04/20/2012

IT3 Samantha Myhre proved to be a top notch tour guide when Master Chief (uncle) Dave Hanon brought 20 Reserve Chief Petty Officers to the BUSH for a tour.  Uncle Dave reports the chiefs were very impressed.

Samantha tour

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Samantha Update 03/20/2012

Bush Osprey

ATLANTIC OCEAN (March 20, 2012) An MV-22 Osprey maneuvers on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) during test operations. George H.W. Bush is in the Atlantic Ocean conducting carrier qualifications. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Brian M. Brooks/Released)


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Samantha Update 02/04/2012

Throughout the next six months, the USS GEORGE H W BUSH, CVN-77 will be the East coast “surge carrier”. They will be at sea and training and be ready to go for any emergency.

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Samantha Update 01/17/2012

Hi Friends of Samantha!

Just a short update to let you know the latest.  First of all and maybe most important:

TODAY IS SAMANTHA’s 21st BIRTHDAY!!!   Wooowhoooo!!!!!!

Please take a moment and send Samantha an email or text and wish her the best.

Last weekend her shipmate buddies did have a small party for her and she got her favorite cake and some nice gifts.

Today the Navy has seen fit to assign her the duty.  So she must stay on the ship for 24 hours and work. (Dad’s ok with thatJ).  For her Birthday she worked from 0600 to 5pm.  She called to say she was going to bed because she has to be back at 11pm to work over night until 0600.  Next time you feel tired after an eight hour day, think about our Troops.  Happy Birthday Buddy.

Samantha did have a nice Christmas holiday leave period.  She was home for almost 2 weeks and was excited to get a chance to see most of her friends. (Thanks Big Daddy Signs).

Samantha welcome home sign

She spent one day in uniform at Olympia High School visiting her teachers and counselors, and at St. Andrews visiting and answering questions and talking to the kids.  We had a nice open house and she spent the day showing her personal pictures from her round the world cruise.  Here’s Jennifer, Amy, Samantha and Gabby.

Samantha and friends

Although she couldn’t tell us everything:  Shhh!  Secret!

Samantha secret shirt

These are some of the pictures from the cruise stories I’ve told you about on earlier updates.

Here’s a picture of her in the Dubai desert.

Samantha desert 1

– Waiting for the tire to be changed.

Samantha desert 2

Here’s a picture of her in front of the Grand Mosque.  You may remember that she chose not to go inside because she would have had to cover up.  In this picture you can see that she is surprised by the religious police who were approaching and tried to stop her from even being in a picture in front of the Mosque without a covering.

Samantha mosque

Here is a picture of the Captain of the USS GEORGE H W BUSH, Captain “Lex” Luther, during one of the Steel Beach Party’s.  The Captain is a Cheese Head!  Go Pack!

Samantha and Capt Luther

On the way home, the BUSH stopped in France.  Samantha spent time in Paris and loved seeing all the famous art in The Louvre, museum of art.

Here she is at “The Mona Lisa”

Samantha and Mona

And here in a Mary Tyler Moore moment at the Eiffel Tower.

Samantha and Eifel tower

After the BUSH returned to Norfolk, The West Orange Times featured Samantha and Mom:

Samantha west orange

Because she saved her money during the cruise, she was able to buy a nice used car and paid cash!  Here is Samantha and her new, 04 Ford Focus.

Samantha new car

When her leave was over, she and Mom drove together to Norfolk.  They took the long way and stopped to see Cousin Naomi in Tennessee near Pigeon Forge, and Uncle Dave on an undisclosed mountain top, somewhere north of there. They then drove to Norfolk and Christina flew home.

Since then, IT3 Myhre has been back to work. She’s been part of the skeleton crew while the other half of the crew takes their holiday leave.  She loved seeing everyone over the Christmas break.  She’s very glad to be back home in America!  And she is happy to have a car now so she can come and go as she likes.  The BUSH will soon start training again. And we don’t yet know what the future schedule will bring.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers and encouragement for Samantha.  I’ll keep you posted on her ongoing NAVY adventure.

God Bless America,


A veteran is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a check made payable to: “The United States of America”.

For an amount of: “up to and including my life.”

That is Honor.

Freedom isn't free



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Samantha Update 12/30/2011

Home for the holidays
West Orange Times

Christina Myhre (left) of Gotha welcomes her daughter, U.S. Navy Petty Officer Samantha Myhre, who recently returned home from deployment overseas. An Olympia High graduate, Myhre is an information systems technician and petty officer 3rd class assigned to the Navy’s newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush. During the past year, the ship spent time in the Mediterranean and Arabian seas.

(West Orange Times)

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